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Published: 2015-07-22

Why Have You Stopped Writing?

Published: 2015-07-20

Your Writing: Are You Wasting Time or Learning?

Published: 2015-07-17

10 Steps To Becoming a Published Author - Pt. 2 (last 5 steps)

Published: 2015-07-15

10 Steps To Becoming a Published Author - Pt. 1 (first 5 steps)

Published: 2015-07-13

For Love or Money: Art Must Have Heart

Published: 2015-06-15

Making A Fortune or Making Art: Neither or Both

Published: 2015-06-12

Epic Fail: Writing By Committee (only 824 words)

Published: 2015-06-05

Failing Fast Is Success: Write Short, Write Fast: Here's How

Published: 2015-06-03

Writing Prompts: The Promise Which Rarely Materializes

Published: 2015-05-31

Easiest Way To Get Fiction Ideas: Self-Concept Versus the World

Published: 2015-05-29

Can You Learn To Write? pt3: Can Great Writing Be Defined?

Published: 2015-05-28

Can You Learn To Write? pt2 (Cannot Attain Perfection Doing Nothing)

Published: 2015-05-27

Great Debate: Can You Learn To Write From a Book?

Published: 2015-05-26

Comments Are Meaningless Tripe Written By Sycophants, Jealous Neanderthals and/or the Mentally Disturbed and Sleep Deprived Trolls

Published: 2015-05-15

Not Many Writers Write

Published: 2015-05-13

Can You Be Brilliant For One Sentence?

Published: 2015-05-12

Houston, Do You Read Me? Albuquerque? Columbus? Bangor?

Published: 2015-04-19

We're All Strangers Here: Why Would Anyone Read Your Work?

Published: 2015-04-17

Are Your Self-Limiting Beliefs & Negative Thoughts Helping You?

Published: 2015-04-16

You Could Be A Great Writer

Published: 2015-04-06

Dictionary Or Story

Published: 2015-04-03

8 Steps To Brilliant Fiction Writing

Published: 2015-04-02

That's Not Writing, That's Typing

Published: 2015-04-01

Write Like You're Baking Cookies

Published: 2015-03-31

Math Has Your Manuscript In a Headlock

Published: 2015-03-30

Get Jaded, Write Great Queries

Published: 2015-03-29

Try Not to Publish, Try To Write